Rebekah Poppen


Rebekah Poppen

Hey, I'm Rebekah!

My husband and I live in a cute Minneapolis apartment with our cat Fatty Mama and our puppy Meeko. I love to sleep in, go to new places, and jam out to 90's R&B. I am a professional social media marketer and visual content creator, which is something I feel blessed and called to do!

I never considered myself a creative. Growing up I just considered myself a hardworker, someone who likes to solve puzzles. and likes run the show. So when I went to college I knew I wanted to be in business, which I thought made perfect sense for me. And what would be better after getting a business degree than stepping into a management position? Well, that is exactly what I did! I loved the people, but felt drained and frustrated by the actual job. I found myself turning to Instagram for a creative outlet.

While daydreaming I KNEW that I wanted to curate social media for a business and I finally called it quits on the job I hated. I put in my two weeks notice in and have never looked back! I've been loving this job since day one and it has become something I could never have imagined. I have freedom to do what I love, help small businesses succeed and the space to grow.

Here are some fun facts about me!
1. I live in sweatshirts.
2. My husband and I started dating our sophomore year of high school.
3. I love roller coasters, but I am terribly afraid of standing on a tall ladder!
4. My favorite food is pizza, especially Neapolitan style!
Rebekah Poppen