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what is hygge.


Hygge [hoo-ga] 
1. the art of building sanctuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive.
2. to create well-being, connection and warmth.
3. a feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other
4. celebrating the everyday and the small pleasures in life.

Hygge is a Danish practice that is spreading throughout the World. It is easy to implement into your own life and I have been trying to implement it for a few weeks. Below are a few ways that I have incorporated hygge into my life. You may even be practicing hygge without even knowing it! Hygge to me means sitting in the moments where my soul feels alive and appreciating how open my heart is. These moments can be recreated by paying attention to what helps you feel calm and connected. For some this could even be a yoga practice! For me, I feel warmth in my soul when I have a warm latte in my hands.. the world simply moving around me but I am still. That may sound funny, but there is a reason that we all love to connect with our friends over coffee.

Here are a few ways that I practice hygge, but know that there are truly endless possibilities.

1. As I said above, having a warm latte in my hands. It doesn't matter where I am but life feels slow when I am enjoying a warm beverage. 

IMG_4288 (2).JPG

2. Candles. 
Candles are the perfect way to instantly make a home/moment feel more inviting and cozy. You can never have too many of them!


3. Rich Colors
Have dark wood accents to contrast a light wall helps for a space to feel warm and close. I also enjoy having different textures like books or these metallic candle holders with black candles.

4. Knits
Everything knit really.. Blankets, Pillows, Sweaters and even socks. There is just so comforting and cozy about knits and soft textures like this can really help soften a space. Even a shag rug can have a similiar effect.

5. Flowers
That moment when you smell/see fresh flowers.. its a lovely experience and it is hygge! You can surround yourself with flowers, dried flowers and things like eucaplytpus to have this experience all the time!


Its obvious that all of these things go very well together and they are to be enjoying together. The more hygge that you can combine into a moment, the better. The best thing about Hygge is that it is simply living in the moment and finding pleasure in the little things. It is being present in your own life and in your relationships with others. It is all about being intentional.