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Fall Bucket List


It's true, fall is approaching! Jonah and I were just talking about how Fall is our season. We started dating in fall, got married in the fall, and fall weather is our favorite. Some people feel most in their element at certain places like the lake, traveling, or just sitting reading a book. I feel in my element during the Fall and I don't think there is a better place to be in the Fall than in Minnesota. Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, fall colors... the list goes on. Here is a list of some of our favorite things to do in Minnesota in the fall, it would make a pretty good Fall Bucket List if you ask me! If you have more ideas, feel free to comment at the bottom of the page. :)


1. Visit an Apple Orchard

This is something near and dear to my heart as Jonah and I go every single year for our anniversary. We have to favorites that we love to return to every year if we can, they are Apple Jacks in Delano, MN and Aamodt's in Stillwater, MN. They are both so fun to go to and both of them have their own highlights. Apple Jacks is by a river, in the middle of nowhere and has TONS of fun things to do on site--they have some AMAZING apple desserts available as well. Aamodt's is great because you can include it in a day trip to Stillwater, which has lots of fun things to do. 

2. Take a tour of the fall colors

It's an oldie, but it's a goodie for a reason! My favorite area to drive around in the fall is Taylor's Falls. If you go to Taylor's Falls, you can stop for a hike, go to the Fraconia Scultpture Garden, and stop by Coffee Talk for PSL.  

3. Go to a winery

Fall means harvest season and that goes for grapes too! My favorite Minnesota Winery is Winehaven in Chisago Lakes. Try the Deer Garden Red and Strawberry Rhubarb wines for a sweet treat. I also recommend to bundle #2 & #3, if you go to Taylors Falls, plan to stop in Chisago Lakes on your drive home for a wine stop. 

**Fun fact: Jonah and I went here the day he proposed to me and I TOTALLY thought it was going to happen there! But he surprised me with a proposal at a different spot. 

4. Take a day trip

This is kind of a theme in the first few, but nonetheless, it is a great idea! Other than Taylors Falls, Stillwater, and Delano... Go to Duluth, Red Wing, Northfield or Lanesboro! The weather is BEST in Minnesota during the fall, so take advantage of the beautiful weather and explore.

5. Support local farmers

What would we do without our farmers in MN?!?! There are many different ways to support local farmers. Go to farmers markets, shop at Co-ops, look for Minnesota Grown on your labels! This is in a Fall Bucket List because again, Fall is harvest season! So that means it is the best time to get the best locally grown crops!