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Why it's Absolutely Okay to Rest.


In our society, we feel bad about taking time to rest. If we do take time, we keep it a secret. We make sure that people know that we are strong and can handle everything. We portray the can-do attitude and we don't let people see our weaknesses. A lot of us do rest, but we don't share or show the world why we needed it. There is a stigma with taking time for yourself. Me time conveys selfishness, high maintenance or laziness. When it should show that we are confident, self-aware and comfortable. Taking time for yourself is okay because you deserve it. You really do! It is okay because you owe it to your loved ones to be 100% yourself. God doesn't want you to be burnt out, He wants you to be your true self. 

You deserve to take time for yourself. You work so hard, no matter what you do. If you're a Mom, you sure as hell deserve to take some time for yourself. If you are going through a life change, if you are busting your butt at work, if you just caught up on all of the laundry... the list goes on. Take some time of even a moment for yourself. There is nothing bad about knowing that you deserve something, you're not being entitled. If you worked hard, you deserve to rest.. so don't feel so guilty about it. When I worked retail I remember having a mile long list of things to do and I would work extremely hard to get it done, then I would only take a 5 minute lunch break and get back to it. I did this because I felt guilty about taking rest. I look back knowing that that was stupid but in the moment it felt like it was right. Don't listen to your workaholic brain.. just rest. 

You owe it to your loved ones to rest. In my experience, hurtful words or anger are shortly followed by a statement like "I'm sorry, I am just so tired." Sound familiar? In order to be the person that your people love so dearly, you need to be well rested. Taking time to put yourself first through resting ultimately is a favor to your loved ones as well. You cannot be the mother, daughter, sister, wife or friend that you want to be if you are burnt out and angry. My husband Jonah is a sweetheart and he helps to encourage me to rest when he knows I have been stressed. It brings him joy to see me rested and relaxed. How could your loved ones not be happy for you?

I believe that God wants you to take time to rest. I mean would He have created the Sabbath if He didn't?! For me it really cannot be more obvious.. I see the way my mind drifts into prayer when I am calm. Sometimes I am completely blinded by my own stress to talk with God and it is in moments of rest I feel most close to Him. 

If you take away one thing from this little blog of mine, know that it is good to rest and you should not feel ashamed or guilty. Be proud of yourself for doing something that makes a difference in your life.