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Dallas for a Weekend


My first time in Texas and I naturally left with a sunburn. We went to visit one of our friends that is now living in Dallas and it was a really fun weekend getaway. I wasn't sure what to expect for Dallas other than it was probably going to be big.. because everything is bigger in Texas! That expectation was accurate as Dallas was a huge city that was very spread out. What we did when we were there was based on our friends knowledge of good spots and also some research that I did going into the trip. We found some small treasures in the big city of Dallas. 

Bread Winners Cafe Dallas
Uptown Dallas
Emporium Pie
toasted Dallas
Toasted Dallas Texas
Houndstooth Coffee Dallas

Here are some of the highlights from our little trip. Of course, I needed to see what the coffee shop scene was like in Dallas. While Dallas may not have as many options of cafe's and coffee shops as Minneapolis, it does have a couple quality ones. The best coffee shop that we went to in Dallas was Houndstooth. The barista's were very welcoming, atmosphere was great, and the best part was how great their latte was. I had an Iced Latte and it was perfect--on par with my favorite iced latte's at home. AND it had CRUSHED ICE! Now THAT is something I can support! I give Houndstooth 5 gold star stickers! The other places we went to were more Cafe style in that they focused a lot more on their food than their drinks. They were: Bread Winners Cafe, Toasted, and Ascention.

While the guys went golfing, the girls went shopping. We went to the Bishop Arts District and that was just so fun! This area was filled with adorable little boutiques and restaurants. I bought two things: a simple pine tree print and THE BEST PIE EVER!!!! The Pie was from Emporium Pies, I got their amazing French Silk Pie with a pretzel crust. If I ever go to Dallas again I know I need another piece of that pie! 

We also stopped by Deep Ellum for Ice Cream which was really fun. Deep Ellum is a really unique area mixed with lots of old buildings being renovated and some new construction. I would be curious to see how it will look in about 10 years after all of the buildings that need some TLC are renovated. Dallas was really different than any city I have been to and it was really fun to visit!