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Host a Floral Workshop


Girl time, flowers and champagne? Does it get better than that? A couple weeks ago I hosted a Crafts & Cocktails get together, which I will be doing every few months now. For Spring, we made bouquets! I wanted to create a guide for YOU to throw a similiar event at your own home. Below you will find the necessities you need to host your own Floral Workshop. 

1. Flowers, of course!

Floral workshop

There are a few different options for where you can get flowers. I got my flowers from a Farmers Market in Minneapolis. This was great because I was able to get a large amount of flowers at a low cost. I bought all of the flowers above for $40 and you can't see all of them very well. Another option is that you can order bulk flowers through a local florist, the only downside is you have to know exactly what you want to order bulk. 

2. Vases

Floral workshop

Have each of your friends bring their own vase! It saves money in the long run. However, if you are looking for cheap vases, check out your local thrift store or Goodwill. We were able to get vases for only $3 at Goodwill. 

3. Drinks

Spiked Apple Panther DIstillery

I am a big champagne fan and I feel like it is perfect for every occasion, but especially girl time. If you want to try a little something different, I love to add Spiked Apple from Panther Distillery into my champagne. You can find the recipe here. Although, you can do something else like a coffee bar or some fun mocktails. 

There was only 4 of us making bouquets and it was a really fun and relaxing way to spend a couple of hours. Spring and summer is the perfect time for this type of activity. You can even double the bouquet that you make as a gift or simply enjoy it in your own home.