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One of the things that I think every woman deals with in this life is being unhappy with certain aspects of your body, wanting it to be different. With the snow melting, flowers beginning to bloom, it comes with a time of the year that I dread every year.. trying on swim suits. Then I am reminded of my insecurities all over again. Now this may not be every woman but it is definitely me. 

Every year there are new swim suit trends whether it is high-waisted bottoms, one-pieces.. you get the idea. So I look through different options online, then go shopping to try on the new trends. This year, one-pieces happen to be pretty popular so I really wanted to get one. That desire was quickly met with feeling extremely insecure. As I tried it on I felt like there were so many things I would like to change about my body and it hurt. So I left the mall, got into my car and I cried. I talked with Jonah and he immediately made me feel better and made me feel loved. We were talking and I told him, "It is a really weird thing to go through.. you see all of these women in these swim suits and you create an idea of how you are 'supposed' to look in your head and when you look in the mirror and don't see that, it can be very defeating." It's not just swim suits though, its in everything from dresses to jeans. 

Like many women, this goes deep. It goes back to when we were teenagers and even younger. When we were being told by society what beautiful is through media or through social experiences. I have always struggled with wanting to make my body different. I wanted a bigger chest, smaller hips, thinner legs.. you name it! All things which are out of my control. 

Please don't get the wrong idea here.. I would consider myself a supporter of all women and I believe that ALL women are beautiful. Which is mostly why I was so upset with the way I felt about my own body.. I felt like a hypocrite. But it doesn't matter who we are, how confident we are, what size we are.. I think every woman felt that same way I did trying on a swimsuit some time in their life. Which is why I am writing up this little blog, its if there is another woman out there who can relate to me, if thats you, then I am speaking to you here.. to tell you the words you need to hear--they are the words that make me feel beautiful. 

-PSALM 139:14

I understand you, I see you.
You are beautiful. You have no flaws on your body as we are all created differently. There is no one type of body that is attractive. The only thing that you can wear that will make you beautiful is your confidence, so wear it with pride.