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If you're a millennial raise your hand! It is really important to our generation that we are buying from socially responsible companies. How awesome is it to make an impact in the world through a purchase that we would need to make anyway?! I wanted to give you my top three BOGO brands that I use on a daily basis. I know there are a lot of these brands out there, but my favorites are Warby Parker, TOMS and Soapbox.. I use these extremely frequently and I try to make sure I buy from them when I am shopping. Feel free to comment below and say what your favorite BOGO brands are!

Warby Parker, they are killin it for real. They completely understand marketing to our generation and they understand our needs as consumers. I did a Home Try-On with them a couple months ago and that was fantastic! You pick out the glasses you want to try on and they send it right to your door. Customer service is great as well! I didn't realize they had a physical location in my city until after the try on, so I then went there to try on more glasses. I ended up purchasing metal frames ($145 with prescription lenses included) and you know what the best part is??? For every pair of glasses sold, a pair of glasses is given to someone in need. 

Warby Parker


TOMS, yes we have all heard of them but that doesn't make them less amazing! My favorite TOMS product has been my wedge booties-- I actually have them in two different colors. I rave to all my friends about how they are the most comfortable heel I own and it is so true. TOMS has been in the One for One game for a while and I really admire them as a company. They could have just stuck to the classic TOMS shoe and kept selling those easily, but they didn't stop there. They have evolved accordingly and I hope that they are around for years to come.


TOMS Wedges

Soapbox is the least known of my favorites. They make soap products-- I use their Shampoo/Conditioner! I initially found their products through working at Target and was excited to see it was a brand making an impact. They give soap to people that are in need throughout the world and they also support organizations that are impacting hand washing and hygiene programs. Their products have a "hope code" on the packaging where you can actually track where the "give one" product went to. For example my conditioner purchase is helping in Cambodia where they are installing water filtration systems. You can find Soapbox products at Target! 

soapbox tea tree