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my favorite places in MPLS.


A lot of you may know already, but I really enjoy coffee shops and trying new things. I wanted to show you exactly where I love spending my time in the Twin Cities. There is always new things to try and new places to see, but there is something so special about that Cafe where the Barista knows your name.. This is my little list of the places that I will ALWAYS go back to because there is good memories and good people. 


First one is an obvious one, The Bachelor Farmer Cafe.

Is it the interior? Is it the delicious treats or the yummy Vanilla Latte? It is many things, including those things. When I worked at Target, it was a job that I really struggled in. I didn't fit into the mold and it was hard on me emotionally. I needed to leave for work by 6am to get to work, so this Cafe became a place of comfort for me. It was that Vanilla Latte(and the caffiene) that helped me put a smile on my face and helped comfort me in a time that I needed it. The people of course started to know me, but even if they didn't they were all so kind. There are many reasons I love it here but mostly it just makes my heart happy. 


Secondly, The Copper Hen.

This was truly my first "foodie" adventure. This was the first place I wanted to take photos of the setting and the yummy food. A really random reason I love it here is because my Husband loves it so much. They have his favorite meal there, it is the Chicken Pot Pie. There is just something so lovely about seeing the person you love enjoy something. Whenever I had friends or family coming into the cities, I would take them here because I knew it would never disappoint. The food here is fantastic, but so are those cupcakes.... Everything that comes out of this place tastes like there was love in it. 


And lastly, I know it is kinda cliche now... NE Spyhouse.

Even though Jonah and I don't frequent NE Spyhouse often anymore, It will always hold a special place in my heart. When I was a Freshman in College I was going through a weird time in my life. I didn't get to go to the College I had wanted to and I needed to stay in Cambridge. I look back being thankful that didn't go how I wanted, but it was really hard for me then. Jonah went to the U of M and I would come see him on the weekends, this was my escape. We would adventure together to new places. I found Spyhouse on Instagram and of course I HAD to go, so we went. NE Spyhouse was a one of our first little adventures together and our time there strengthened us. The quality time that we had there throughout college still has an effect today as we love to go to coffee shops.. its our "thing"! Although it may be crowded a lot at this Spyhouse, it is so worth it to get a spot. 


So now you know a little about why I love these places and I hope that you can find those places where you feel comforted and content.