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what we bicker about.


Jonah and I have been married for a little over 5 months now, which means we have been living together for a little over 5 months now. When you first live together as a couple there are things that each person does differently that bothers the other. These are some of those things that one of us does that causes us to bicker.. which ultimately turns into laughter. None of us are perfect, so find joy in the quirks that make a person unique and imperfect. These are just some silly things that were annoying at first but now we joke about. I hope that you can find some laughter on these topics as well.

Toilet paper... yes, the ancient debate.. does it go under or over?! Haha Well to me there is not a right answer, I just put it on the holder however I want to and I don't pay attention to which way it goes.. Jonah would say the obvious right answer is over/forward, but he doesn't complain too much when its put on "wrong." Our real issue with the TP comes from me.. I am guilty of leaving an empty roll on the holder and even setting a new roll on top of the empty roll/somewhere nearby without changing it... Jonah has gone so far as to Snapchat me a video of the new roll sitting on the sink with an empty roll in the holder.. Too funny! But since the snapchat video I have been very good at putting a new roll on the holder. I may or may not do this on purpose sometimes just for fun. (Muahaha!) 

Toothpaste. Again, I am the culprit. I squeeze toothpaste from the top and rarely put the cap back on. This drives Jonah crazy! He has even bought his own seperate toothpaste... It is so funny because I just don't see the problem! I understand that it annoys him.. it just makes me giggle! 

Dishes. Now THIS is the thing that bothered me a lot in the beginning.. not saying it still doesn't bother me a little. We don't have a dishwasher(unless you count me) so the sink can pile up pretty quickly. When we were first living together I told Jonah I would cook if he did dishes.. but the dishes needed to "soak" overnight.. so who ended up doing them? You're right! It was me. But I talked with Jonah about this right away and he has been very good about helping me with the dishes ever since. 

The biggest lession that we have learned from the little things we bicker about is that those little things just don't really matter! What does matter is the effort of the other person, like Jonah making sure he helps with dishes or me making sure I put a new roll of TP on the holder. AND don't take yourself too seriously! Find joy in every moment!

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