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what kind of wife am i?

Jonah and I were married on October 15th, 2016 so that makes us about 5 months into our marriage.. a lifetime to go. One of the things that I really struggled with at the beginning of our marriage was trying to live up to what I thought was the "best" or "right" way to be a wife. I made sure meals were ready when he got home from work, that the apartment was clean and that I did everything I possibly could to make it easier for him to relax at home. Then I realized recently that there is no way to be the "best" Wife. All I could be is the best me

Then I realized recently that there is no way to be the “best” Wife. All I could be is the best me. 

It's so interesting to me how much the environment we grew in changes our perspective. Growing up, my mom would do just what I listed above.. She cooked, cleaned and made sure everything was perfect for my Dad to come home.. down to having candles lit and zero dishes left. I could tell how much my Dad loved it too. But when I put it into practice, I realize that that is my parents but it is not Jonah and I. Jonah appreciates being greeted with hugs and kisses way more than a clean house and dinner.. every relationship is different. 

One of my biggest struggles at being a newlywed is the constant questions... Is the house clean enough? Is the food I cook good enough? Am I good enough? I know now that the answer is YES!! But it is something that I really struggled with. I wanted to live up to the stereotypes or cultural standards.. and I don't.. But ya know what? It does not matter because Jonah loves me. Me, as myself and nothing else. 


So what kind of wife am I? Well I am the Becky kind, and thats all that matters.