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simply shopping.

I would like to start off by saying I am no pro here. At Christmas time I decided I was going to try my hand at a capsule wardrobe and see if I could do it. I have always been a lover of trends. I love seeing what is fresh, new and what is the "in" thing to be wearing... and let's be honest it is exhausting trying to stay "current." Maybe the worst part about wanting to be wearing trendy things is that it can really become a bad thing in your life and it did for me. It was an area in my life where I never felt sufficient.. Like I never had enough clothes to be the person I wanted to be. If you can relate to this, then I hope my struggle can help you too!

I was turned onto the idea of a "capsule wardrobe" from the Minimalist movement. Now, I am not a minimalist but I admire those that are. How wonderful to simply be content with what you have and not always wanting for more? I started by purging my closet and getting rid of all of the easy "no's" and gave them to friends or donated them. I have continued to go through my closet bi-weekly and it keeps getting easier to say no. But getting rid of clothes does no good if I keep filling it back with stuff I won't wear. So here are some tips on how to shop simply.

1. Is this a trend? Will it maybe not work for the following year... Then don't buy it. 
2. Is is cheap? There is probably a reason. So be cautious of a really good deal.
2b. Is it made to last? Chances are if it is cheap, it's not made to last. Be weary of those "super soft" materials. They get ruined in the wash 90% of the time or they just get too thin/wrinkly. 
3. What are 3 things I can wear this with that I currently own? If you can't think of 3 things don't buy it. Chances are it's probably trendy if you think you need this other trendy thing to wear it with.
4. How many seasons can you wear this in? Being in Minnesota where it is winter 6 months of the year.. you need to be able to overlap as much as you can. So plain T-shirts are perfect for winter to put under a cardigan and they are great to wear alone in the summer. 
5. Do I own something like this? If you do, don't buy it. Like if they are a pair of dark-wash jeans, chances are you already have a pair.
6. Color? I would reccommend to stick with nuetrals because then it is more versatile. I prefer whites, greys, blacks and blues. They work for all seasons. 

I have been sticking to these rules for 2 months now and things are going really well! I am not a pro, I said this before. My biggest mistake was with #2 and #2b.. I bought one of those super soft t's and it is already too big to wear and wrinkles way to easy. Otherwise I have done really well! I have narrowed my Winter/early Spring wardrobe to 20 items and I say the words "I have nothing to wear" a lot less than I used to.. and that is good enough for me.