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The Best Amsterdam Coffee Shops


I was fortunate enough to spend my short few days in Amsterdam extremely caffienated. We crossed almost every coffee shop off of my bucket list! I wanted to share my favorites with you because well, you need to go to Amsterdam... and when you do you are going to want to know which coffee shops to go to! All of these coffee shops spoke English as well :) 

#1 TOKI.

Do your body and soul a favor and get their banana bread while you are here. I literally always think about it and I cannot find a recipe similar to it. The barista's here were extremely welcoming and their cappuccino was the best that I had in Amsterdam. Also, this place is just too cute to handle. 


#2 Coffee and Coconuts

This was by far the largest coffee shop we went to and it was pretty crowded.. but I am giving it a 11/10 for their Coconut Coffee. Two of my favorite things in life are coconuts and coffee.. so it was a match made in heaven for me. I actually found them on Instagram and they weren't on any list that I found.. but they are totally worth a visit!

Coffee & Coconuts Amsterdam
Coffee and Coconuts Amsterdam

#3 Bocca Coffee

This was the first one that we went to and it was great to start off the coffee shop crawl with a high note. The baristas here were VERY dedicated and I felt like they treated coffee like a true art form. This was my husbands #1 pick.

Bocca Coffee Amsterdam
Bocca Coffee Amsterdam


This is a SUPER cute place that sells clothing, accessories, gift items and a cafe to top it all off. I would go as far to say it is every girl's dream place... haha I highly recommend it! 

cottoncake amsterdam

#5 Monks Coffee Roasters

This one was a little far out from where we were but it was worth the walk. This coffee shop felt the most like a cafe in the states and that was really nice. I highly enjoyed Monks and if you're in the area, definitely check them out!

Monks Amsterdam
Monks Amsterdam