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Restoring Wood Furniture


I love DIY projects and I cannot lie. My most recent project was these chairs, an awesome thrift store find! I paid only $12 total for these four chairs. When I sent Jonah a photo of them he was like "well I don't like the velvet, but I know you'd change it"... ironically the velvet seats were what made me love them so much! So I explained that velvet is in again and he ended up liking them. 

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I am not into painting real wood furniture if I don't have to. These chairs only had scuffs, no major damage so it made for a quick restoration. The products I used for restoring the wood chairs we a 100 grit sand paper, Murphy Oil Soap(you could use their spray instead), Danish Oil(in your desired color, I used dark walnut), and Howard Feen-N-Wax.



First, I removed the cushions to make sure I didn't get any of the products on them. I started by lightly sanding all of the wood and focused on sanding down any deep scratches. I did not sand off the entire clear coat/stain that was still on the chairs. I also wanted to keep some of the areas worn that were natural wear, like where people would grab the chair to sit down. Afterall I was drawn to the chairs for their character and I didn't want to completely erase it! Once done sanding I washed them down with the mixture of Murphy Oil Soap concentrate and water then I let them sit for about 15 minutes to let them fully dry.

Once they were dry I took a lint free rag and coated the chairs with Danish Oil. It is best to have some type of drip cloth under the chairs during this. Don't coat it heavily, go for a even coat. This will add in color to your piece of furniture, so if you had to really sand down a certain area you may want to add a little more Danish Oil to this spot. Once coated in Danish Oil, let them dry for about 30 minutes. 

Take a dry rag and wipe off any excess Danish Oil off of the piece of furniture. Then take another dry rag and wipe the furniture down with the Howard Feed-N-Wax. Again, you want to spread the wax on liberally, wait twenty minutes and wipe off the excess. Take inside and let the wax harden. Put on your cushions and then enjoy your good-as-new chairs! :) 

by.rebekah blog diy