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Mountain Town in Germany


I will be the first to say that I think a lot of GOOD comes from Instagram and this find is no exception. I actually found Garmisch-Partenkirchen through the instagram account @germanroamers. I saw a photo of Lake Eibsee and I knew that I needed to see this beautiful place. We got to Garmisch-Partenkirchen by taking a train from Munich and it took less than two hours to arrive. Once we got through the mountains, we were greeted by this lush, storybook town that was surrounded by mountains. All of my expectations were exceeded. The first couple things I noticed about the town was how cute the architecture was. Every home donned frescos of biblical stories or nordic tales. Every business had the business name painted on the building and windows were framed with ornate painted frames. The town was graced with the smell of wood fire everywhere.. Is there a more comforting smell?!


The three things we know we wanted to do here was:
1. See Lake Eibsee
2. Go to the top of the Mountain, highest peak in Germany.
3. Go to the Partnach Gorge.

The first thing we did on this list was go to the top of Zugspitze. No, we didn't hike. There is actually a cable care that will take you all the way up to the peak, which is what we did. At the peak there are restaurants, free sledding and great views. There is even a cute little chapel! It was amazing! It was about 70 Euros per person to go up to the top, this was the most expensive thing we did here. 

Zugspitze chapel

The Partnach Gorge and Lake Eibsee are hands down the greatest natural wonders that I have seen in my life so far. Pictures do not do it any justice. 

We biked to Lake Eibsee... It was challenging but I would do it again! It is uphill the entire way there but downhill the whole way back. We biked around the lake and it was just surreal to see it. It was very cloudy when we were there so I am curious what it looks like when its sunny. We hiked to the Gorge which you should definitely do if you go. I made a couple friends on our hike and when we biked. I have this recent obsession with cows... so needless to say, I was thrilled. I mean, look at their cute faces! 


Of course, I needed to find the best coffee shop in town... Centro Kaffeebar fits that bill. I was even able to get a Vanilla Cappucino... which is a rarity in Europe! AND Jonah was able to get a pretzel, that's a Win-Win folks. It was one of those cozy coffee shops that you never really want to leave. Perfect after a chilly hike or really any day. 

If you are ever in the South of Germany, you need to add this picturesque town to your list and tell me right away if you go so I can life vicariously through you.